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Supply and Global Interaction

With the repositioning of the Chinese economy away from industrialism towards consumerism – fueled by the rapid growth of the middle classes with ever increasing disposable income – have come unprecedented opportunities for export to China. The concept that “China’s massive industrial capacity is feeding the world” is evolving to “the world is feeding China’s under developed market” Being based in China, our company – supported by an extensive and robust network – is ideally positioned to take your brand or commodities into the eagerly awaiting market place

Demand and interactivity in China

It is no exaggeration to say that we receive requests for products on a daily basis: from large bulk orders, for everyday commodities, to niche emerging new brands. If you wish us to create new business for you in a booming market place of 1.4 billion consumers then be assured you will not be disappointed. We know the culture, language and the essential parameters that can drive your export sales

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One Belt One Road

This is the initiative of Chinese President, Xi Jinping. It is an ambitious plan of cooperation between participating nations which will see a freer flow of trade between 65% of the world’s population and covering 1/3rd of the global GDP.

According to Lord Price..”China is set to be a significant growth market for the UK. It may well outperform all other trading partners with whom Britain has traditionally operated with in times of growth”

With the uncertainties surrounding the final Brexit deal, there is no better time to consider trading with the world’s second biggest economy, China.


We can help you gain access to the market with no financial risk.
We undertake to:

  • Handle all logistics, transport and warehousing door to door.
  • Apply for product registration and Customs Clearances in China.
  • Vigorously protect your brand and IPR in that territory.
  • Market and promote your brand.
  • Keep you informed at all times on progress.

Essentially, we become your outsourced export department in China.

Please take the time to browse our website which, hopefully, will give you a better idea of what we do and can achieve for you. Do not hesitate to contact us for a friendly and informal discussion to explore the exciting opportunities that await you.

A Few “Do’s and Don’ts” When Trading with China

Useful Tips

  • Always have representation:
    The language barrier and huge cultural complexities contrast significantly with those experienced by businesses in the West. Most major exporters have Chinese representation. So, Caveat Venditor.
  • Target your market place:
    This is crucial for success. China is a vast territory and it can take days to traverse. The daily habits and demands vary from province to province with a hot seller in the North finding little interest in the South.
  • Commercial legitimacy:
    Although there seems to be a distinct lack of commercial formality in China with legal contracts and remedies being a rarity, there are rules. Most of these are Governmental and ignore or breach these at your peril. Ensure that your presence and company are legitimate.
  • Customs and tariffs:
    Don’t assume that because a commodity is readily available in the West and meets the high health and safety standards there that it will breeze through the Chinese port of entry. Thousands of tons of container content are held up or seized by the authorities. Additionally, you also need an import licence and tariffs vary in complexity.

These are just four of the critical things you should consider but the list is certainly not exhaustive. But do not be deterred – we can deal with these matters with you.

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Paul Woodhouse met Pladis’ staff in their MDC