How to Put the “Great” Back into Great Britain by Exporting to China

From the modest beginnings in early 2015, the company now has offices in Sheffield, Shenzhen and Zhenzhou China with ancillary warehousing facilities and a dedicated team of thirty people. Trade XL’s sister company in mainland China is West Land Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd – 西陆供应链管理有限公司 – which has full legal corporate status and is fully compliant with Chinese law.

We are not a broker. We invest time and capital into taking the appropriate routes to market for your brands and products; We are not “spot traders”. We are in it for the long haul and perceive ourselves as your outsourced export & marketing department.

Paul-Woodhouse-West Land Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade XL Limitd

Paul Woodhouse – Sheffield Office

Shady Liu-West Land Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade XL Limitd

Liu Xiaoming – Zhengzhou Office

Zhengzhou Office-West Land Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd-西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade XL Limitd

Zhengzhou Office – Marketing & Sales

Mission Statement

Team Trade XL has been built around the experiences of the founding partners who each has a wealth of business experience in their native countries and who have been able to blend this knowledge into a strong, cross-border format fit for purpose.

Our mission is to make exporting to China – a market with land of 9.6 million sq.kms and 1.4 billion potential consumers, a risk free, secure and profitable experience for UK manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

How is this achieved?

By acknowledging and overcoming:
Language and cultural barriers which are mostly perceived as being the biggest barrier to trade. There is no doubt that the styles and character of doing business in China are markedly different to accepted and recognizable methods in the UK. Again, because of the founding roots, these distinctions are now second nature to us and accommodated as a matter of course.

By securing and protecting:
Brand and Intellectual Property rights. We have a robust and effective policy in place which rigorously monitors and challenges any potential infringements. You can rest assured that we treat your valuable brands and IP rights as our own.

By offering an holistic service:
Incorporating and including a full service package from your UK warehouse facility to the end-user in China. This principally is :
Shipping including road transport, air, sea or railway express.

  • Dealing with UK exit provisions
  • Dealing with Customs regulations and import tariffs in China
  • Product registration.
  • Warehousing where required
  • Dealing with any which may be peculiar to various provincial legislation
  • Utilising our access to Free Trade Zones when appropriate.

By skilled penetration of the vast Chinese market:
Utilizing and plugging into our vast network of contacts including government officials, international and local supermarkets, distributors and wholesalers with whom we have developed good working relationships and trust. Within this structure our experienced Marketing department, Sales department and IT department will promote sales using:

  • A bespoke website constructed in house and registered with the appropriate Chinese authority
  • Search engine optimisation and multimedia and social marketing
  • Television advertising where appropriate
  • Cooperation with prestigious local companies
  • Dealing with any which may be peculiar to various provincial legislation
  • Recognised multi online platforms

By assessing your products/brand initially to ensure:
That it targets the right sector – both geographically and demographically – of the 1.4 billion inhabitants of China occupying 9.6 million sq.kms, which is a land of diversity.

In conclusion:
There is a vast opportunity waiting for UK companies to export to China. Discerning middle income Chinese consumers welcome new ideas and products and habitually, which is a massive opportunity for foreign products especially ones with good quality and distinct features. But we are witnessing an apathy and reluctancy by some UK manufacturers to grasp these opportunities. The rest of the world have “stolen a march” on us and slowly the door to Chinese trade will close as the market demand is met.

ACT NOW you will not regret it.