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European clients as perceived by the Chinese – PART 1

The world is so big that no wonder there are difference of characteristics,culture and habits between countries. These subtle differences should be a cause for celebration and enjoyed Today, Trade XL will summarise European clients characteristics as seen through Chinese eyes.

there are difference of characteristics & culture & habits among countries - 西陆供应链管理有限公司-Trade XL Limited-West Land Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd-来自大不列颠的高端品质

there are difference of characteristics & culture & habits among countries

The Germans

  1. Germans do things rigorously and carefully . Before negotiations they will do detailed investigations about the potential partner, including products, company operations, qualifications, etc. Enabling the Chinese to be well prepared before and during business cooperation with them.
  2. Quality and efficiency with detailed planning of work figures highly in their strategy and work ethos. In the negotiation stages the Germans like things to be discussed briefly and directly, so the Chinese will perform more decisively and efficiently during and following production and transportation. Therefore when doing business with Germans, Chinese will focus more on details.
  3. Germans believe in the contract. Once the contract is confirmed, they will operate strictly according to the agreement. Dissatisfaction will be generated, if you want modify any terms after the contract is confirmed, even though it’s a tiny modification.

The English

  1. Being calm, self-confident and elegant, are impressions Englishmen present to the world. Businessmen from England generally behave elegantly, to comply with social morality and etiquette. In response to these characteristics, the Chinese will show good demeanor to gain their respect and more profit during the negotiations.
  2. They prefer doing business step by step: if the trial order has good performance and is well accepted by the market, they will place bigger and more orders to their suppliers. Otherwise, if the trial order or the supplier performs badly during the cooperation, they will abandon the supplier and seek for another

The French

  1. French buyers care more about their own culture and language. If the Chinese speak French during the negotiation, the French will have a better impression. So several Chinese try hard to learn the language and share interesting news and episodes to create a relaxed atmosphere during the cooperation if they want to do long term business with French people.
  2. The French have a weak sense of time, and are often late in business and social communications, but they won’t tolerate the opposing side being late. Chinese know this and will be early arrived.
  3. The French believe in terms and agreements in the contract, thinking flexibly and react efficiently. Since a romantic culture is deeply rooted in their blood, they love to see products with fine appearance and packaging. While presenting good quality products, the Chinese will pay more attention to fancy packaging and eye-catching product appearance.
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