Your Routes to China

Wholesale Your Products To China-Export-To-China-Today-Trade XL Limited


If you have a good blend of SKU’s and would like to offer your portfolio to the vast Chinese market then we can be of help. Many Chinese SME’s would welcome the opportunity to purchase mixed pallet loads and even mixed containers. If you can offer first class service and competitive prices then the opportunities are vast. We can work proactively with you to achieve enhanced revenues

Franchise Your Brand To China-Export-To-China-Today-Trade XL Limited


If you have an established franchise brand in the UK or Western Europe then we have niche opportunities to get you a foothold in this burgeoning sector. Alternatively, if you have exciting innovative ideas to launch your own new brand as a franchise then we can accelerate your aspirations in this expanding market. Many large retailers, supermarkets and on-line stores are keen to take on these concepts and work with us to promote the brand. For less well known products our retailers will provide all the resources and financial weight to bring these to consumer awareness. But for this, exclusivity is normally required which is to be expected as they will be taking the promotional capital risk

OEM and Products Labeling Service For China Market-Export-To-China-Today-Trade XL Limited


If you would like to create your own brand for the Chinese market then we can assist. Marketing and advertising strategies which work well in the West do not always translate well into the Asian market. This is where we can help launch and promote your concept. We have a strong representation throughout China with a robust and well-constructed distribution network which can efficiently handle all manner of commodities. If you feel you can supply a stable and consistent line of products then please contact us. We can ensure efficient logistics and impeccable payment solutions

Drop Shipping and Small Parcel To China-Export-To-China.Today-Trade XL Limited

Drop Shipping:

If you would like to test the market before making a major strategical commitment to entering China, then perhaps Drop Shipping would be for you. With our online marketing department we can ensure that your brand is promoted to your satisfaction and reaches your target audience. Resulting sales can then be dealt with efficiently by our logistics department. As part of this process we will be able to capture vital information based on on-line performance, customer demographics and responses yielding critical analytical data.

One Stop Supply Chain Solution

Local Haulage Services-Export Gateway to China-Trade XL Limited-West Land Supply Chain Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Local Haulage & Cargo Consolidation:

If you require a bespoke local haulage and freight consolidation service then we can certainly assist. This service is available throughout the UK, China and Western Europe and allows you to take advantage of our buying power and benefit from optimised economies of scale.

International Logistics-Export Gateway to China-Trade XL Limited-West Land Supply Chain Management (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

International Logistics & Custom Clearances:

In tandem with our other logistical services we can also handle your freight forwarding requirements efficiently and at attractive rates. Either by sea or by air we can offer a fast, efficient and reliable service. Additionally, we have a department dedicated to dealing with Custom’s Clearances and product registration in China.

Euro-China Railway Express:

In line with the exciting new “One Belt one Road” concept we are monitoring, with interest, the development of the China to UK railway facility. This will provide a rail service which will offer faster shipment than sea and at rates cheaper than air. Our Zhengzhou office is ideally placed at one of the rail terminals to handle this method of freight forwarding  for you

An Holistic Service

In conclusion, we can take care of all of your logistics including domestic haulage, freight forwarding by air, sea or rail and deal with Customs clearances and registrations at the port of entry. In addition, we can provide warehousing and product consolidation and optimisation services. In fact we can be your One Stop logistics Shop thus allowing you to do what you do best knowing that your finished products are in safe hands and your customers are content.