With the repositioning of the Chinese economy away from industrialisation towards consumerism, fuelled by the rapid growth of the middle classes with ever increasing disposable income; has come unprecedented opportunities for exporting to China. According to Lord Price: “China is set to be a significant growth market for the UK. It may well outperform all other trading partners with whom Britain has traditionally operated within times of growth”. With the uncertainties surrounding the final Brexit deal, there is no better time to consider trading with the world’s second-biggest economy, China.


We can also assist UK businesses seeking to procure products from China ensuring optimisation of quality and price with a full logistics service. For those Chinese businesses looking to establish trade with the UK, we can assist with all matters including logistics, Customs clearances, warehousing and legal matters. We are currently working closely with prestigious Chinese manufacturers creating our own brand and range of products aimed specifically at the UK market but which will be available globally. Although our expertise focuses on the markets of China and the UK we also have contacts internationally which allows us to add opportunities for incremental revenue generation.

Project Examples


Pladis is a global manufacturer of best loved branded biscuits, chocolate and confectionery having, within its portfolio, household names like McVities and Go Ahead Yogurt Breaks. We have been associated with them since 2016 as  distributor in China and Hong Kong. In 2017 we were honoured to receive the Excellent Distributor in China Award.


This unique Austrian brand combining the best of two worlds: chocolate & spirit. It’s inspiring history, the natural ingredients, the carefully developed recipes and the special production process create this unique chocolate symphony – Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. With over 65 years production experience Mozart now is the leading chocolate liqueur in the world. Trade XL Limited is proud to be Schlumbeger’s distributor for Mozart in China.

Buckfast Tonic Wine-Trade-XL-Limited-Westland-Supply-Chain-Management

Buckfast Tonic Wine has a history reaching back into the 19th century and was developed by French and, ultimately, Buckfast monks as a rejuvenative tonic. Although the wine preserves the original ingredients and methods of production, it has been thoughtfully refined into a versatile drink capable of inclusion as a base ingredient for delicious cocktails but still delightfully enjoyable served as it was originally intended. Trade XL Limited is proud to be involved in its distribution in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

More Buy in China

Since the first FTZ was approved in Shanghai in late 2013, this new international trade model has been quickly established in other regions of China. Thanks to it, cross border e-commerce is flourishing in the Chinese market. This emerging trade solution not only allows Chinese customers an easier access to much more foreign commodities it also has greatly simplified the process of getting foreign products into China compared to traditional general trade. At Zhengzhou FTZ, Trade XL Limited operates more than 10,000 square meters of warehousing and shipping facilities.


Western drinking culture and habits are reaching new heights in China as Zen Generation drive consumption and spending through the highly sophisticated social media platforms. Having identified the opportunities in this sector and having an extensive network of social media platforms and influencers, we formed our dedicated licensed trade department. Although the importance of gaining sales and online visibility is critical we also have vast on-trade access to bars, clubs and restaurants which is a rapidly growing opportunity especially in the tier 1-2 cities in China. Additionally we constructed a one-stop sales agents & affiliation platform welcomed by hundreds of sales agents throughout China. Within six months this platform was contributing an additional one million RMB per month of sales revenue.


Why Us

  • Transcontinental Team:
    Language, payment security, culture and time differences are inherent issues arising from international trade. By working with our professional and proactive transcontinental team, not only will you save a valuable amount of time and money and be secure in the knowledge that your best interests are being served
  • NRC in the Chinese Market:
    The Chinese market changes and evolves at a fast pace with ever more brands and products fighting for profile via traditional and expensive KA channels. The newcomer has little or no opportunity for understanding, assessing and choosing the optimal route to market. With the new, emerging NRC channels (New-Retail Channels) comes the opportunity for low cost and efficient entry into the promotional market. With our network and knowledge in this field, we believe that having a tight bespoke marketing and brand promotion plan, beyond KA channels, will be an efficient and cost-effective entry level for your business
  • A Full Supply Chain Service:
    We believe the success and sustainability of any business is susceptible to “weakest link” vulnerability. Unlike many typical Chinese broker companies who are predominantly price driven, here at Trade XL Limited we optimise every component of a project including product design, quality and cost control and logistics

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