According to the latest McKinsey report, China’s middle class is predicated to reach 550 million by 2022 becoming a huge global purchasing power hungry for new and exciting commodities. Have you ever considered

  • Taking your business into this massive market?
  • Do you know the most efficient and cost effective way to do this?
  • Are you aware of the risks and how to avoid them?

If so, then you are in the right place to mitigate these potential concerns. Our trans-continental team, built up over four years, are here to support you and your brand with offices in both the UK and China. With the resources we have to hand and the knowledge and expertise of the territory we took one of our brand partners from virtually no market presence to an annualised revenue stream of around 2 million GBP. We are confident that we can, similarly, help you.


After 40 years in business ranging from SME’s to board positions including national high street retailers, I learned the valuable lesson early on that the “Devil is in the Detail”. I rigorously apply this criterion to every stage of international trade

“China Speed” is a much used but little heard quote in the West. It defines the rapidly changing and developing Chinese market mainly driven by the younger generation. I am that generation and have a profound understanding of this evolution



As in life, building a business is not without its challenges, pitfalls, risks and rewards. Experience, hard work and risk management serve to reduce downsides and optimise the gains. If cultural and language differences together with nuances of regional customs are factored into penetrating a diverse and vast territory of 1.4 billion people then disaster awaits the ill-prepared. The Silk Road is littered with commercial disasters of failed attempts to penetrate the Chinese market. Many of these having had eye-watering marketing budgets. Our team in China are Chinese. They know the country and through inherent work ethic and experience know how brands can be successfully and economically brought to market.