Scotland is not only the birthplace of whisky, television, penicillin and golf, but also famous for the explosive sales growth of a wine which over the last 20 years and outsells the mighty Coca Cola in Scotland. Of course it is the Magical Buckfast tonic wine! Here we’ll share the secret of this magical tonic wine and hopefully you will join the millions of aficionados and devotees across the world.

Our History


The Magnificent Buckfast Abbey in Devon

The earliest records of Buckfast Abbey can be traced back to 1018 AD. The name Buckfast was adopted because the valley where the monastery was built is located in a quiet, secret place, used by local deer as a place of shelter and seclusion. Today, it is also a popular tourist attraction. In 1897, the nephew of a French monk visited the Abbey in Devon, bringing with him a recipe for Tonic Wine. So began the tradition of winemaking at Buckfast Abbey. The recipe has remained a secret, known only to the abbey’s brethren, and continues to create local employment helping support the work of the local community.

Culture Trend


Fast Growing Popularity of Buckfast

Buckfast is no less famous than other prestigious UK wines. For many drinkers of Buckfast it has taken on a cultural significance representing freedom, breaking tradition and challenging rules.You can find this remarkable wine, with its iconic yellow label, featuring in many movies and TV appearances. E.G. Trainspotting, The Simpsons. Although Buckfast hasn’t pursued mass media marketing over the last 20 years, it has nevertheless found its way onto every social media platform. From this a dedicated, global community has evolved. In 2015 a large number of fans set up a special memorial day for Buckfast – the so called “World Buckfast Day” – which takes place on the second Saturday of May every year bringing together friends and devotees in celebration.


Versatile Usage


Buckfast Pavlova by Martin Blunos

Other than being a delicious drink in its basic form, Buckfast is also very suitable for inclusion in a myriad kind of cocktail. Whether you want to make a classic “Manhattan” or try some creative recipes, the unique taste of Buckfast makes for a great choice. In addition to making cocktails, Michelin star chef Martin blunos has developed some innovative recipes uding the fascinating taste of Buckfast. The excellent taste and good reputation for customer care has, deservedly, propelled the Buckfast brand beyond the UK and onto the global stage. Finally, and as the Buckfast Monks might say “Your very best health”. For more ideas for cocktail and gourmet recipes please visit:

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