Chinese TV Promotion Program

Brand awareness building is a prerequisite for achieving market penetration and is applicable to all types of products. This applies to all countries and China is no exception. The skill in marketing is directly proportional to success. We have a comprehensive network of marketing channels and have the skill to choose and optimize future advertising and marketing campaigns based on early feedback from customer uptake.

Go Ahead in Henan TV Studio

The booming and flourishing New Retail channels together with Social media platforms finds favour with the young generation who are “tech savvy”. By contrast, the older generations rely more on traditional marketing and with this identifiable demographic sector having increasing levels of disposal income, these should not be neglected in marketing and advertising terms. TV advertising is one of many options employed.

Go Ahead Promotion on Air

As an example, we have recently launched a successful TV campaign with Henan TV and Hunan TV for promoting a United Biscuits brand. Part of this task involved translating required paperwork, orchestrating marketing scripts and localizing sales points in line with consumer habits within the provinces targeted.