48 Hours Custom Clearances & 24/7 Response

Having been working within Zhengzhou FTZ and Customs for years, our experience and expertise means we are able to complete Customs clearances within 48 hours after shipments land in China. Within 24 hours of arrival stock information is integrated into our systems and products are available to be sent out to customers in China. Our logistics team provides 24/7 shipping service with products being processed and shipped out from the FTZ within 24 hours throughout the whole year except during the Spring Festival holiday. With this model we have helped brands reach the Chinese market in a fast and cost effective manner- especially the ones that are ineligible to meet Customs criteria through general trade.


Seamless Integration with Online Platforms

In this day and age, cross border e-commerce is a vital part to most online shopping platforms and social media traders. The prerequisite for tapping into this potential market is a robust FTZ supply solution. Thanks to our sophisticated FTZ supply chain management, Trade XL has a wide database of cross border e-commerce sellers because our years of sales operations in China. As a result we are able to build sales by presenting your brand to hundreds of online sellers quickly. From shipping and Customs clearance to sales building, we truly provide you a hassle-free one stop solution.