Innovative Instant Ginger Tea


Attractive Visual & Multiple Flavours Choice


Easy Preparation With Single Serve Packs

The efficacy and health benefits of the ginger root has been recognised by society for hundreds of years which together with its flavour enhancing culinary use has given it global recognition. A favourite medium for enjoying ginger is in drinks and infusions. Although these are extremely popular the taste profile is often insipid and fails to deliver the characteristic ginger “punch”. Other delivery methods involve addition of high sugar content as a binding agent in order to present the drink in, easy to use, granular form. Trade XL Limited has partnered with a leading manufacturer of health drinks and with the assistance of a dedicated R&D department believe we have perfected the taste and delivery experience our customers seek:

  • An instant tea which is quick and easy to prepare.
  • Dissolves easily and naturally in all water temperatures.
  • 100% natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavourings.
  • No added sugar or sweeteners.
  • Strong and satisfying taste with the characteristic ginger “kick”.
  • Multiple flavour options available accompanying the base ginger content.
  • Single serve packs. Super convenient to carry and consume.
  • Only premium quality ingredients used.
  • Eye catching graphics enhancing customer attention on the shelf.
  • Excellent production cost management resulting in competitive pricing.

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A Leading Health Drink Manufacturer


The Ginger Plus concept was created and developed by Trade XL Limited and eminent health drink manufacturer, Hengwei Tech Limited. Hengwei Tech Limited was started by a founding family member of Trade XL Limited in 2011 and within ten years transformed the embryonic concept, employing four people, to a dynamic operation occupying a 90,000 Sq.ft factory employing more than 200 colleagues. This growth curve has been achieved by Hengwei’s excellent service and attention to customers’ detailed requirements and by sharing its R&D expertise and quality control criteria together with cost management and innovative design capability. The factory has been accredited with IOS 22000,  HACCP and USA FDA certification.

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Sweetness in food and drinks has played a large part in the evolution of palate preferences globally and has become entrenched in virtually every aspect of food presentation. In recent years that the impact of sugars on health has started to be recognised and attempts made to deal with this and substitutes sought. Sweeteners, in myriad forms, have broadly failed to replicate the properties of sugar. Our sugar substitute is derived from natural ingredients with zero calories.



For many years the treat drink of choice has been the wonderfully, glorious milkshake! Unfortunately, this must-have drink has attracted bad press because of its high-calorie, high- fat content. We have the solution in our innovative Diet Milkshake. With added dietary fibres and protein these low calorie drinks means that the world need not be denied its pleasures. Multiple flavour options are available.



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