Presentational Event By Trade XL Limited and Harrods

It is without doubt a fact that for any brand to be successful in China it must have a high profile social media presence. However, this doesn’t mean that offline marketing and promotion should be overlooked as it is a very important component of any strategy and used in tandem with other routes to market can be a game changer.

In this context, choosing an appropriate partner is key.

In Q4 of 2019 we organized a presentation of a premium gin brand with our strategic partner, Harrods, at the British House in Beijing.


It goes without saying that the Harrods’ brand is a prestigious, global household name and we welcomed the opportunity to associate an emerging gin brand with them.

During the 3 day promotion we occupied the tea room and the entire 2nd floor facilitating an elaborate tasting and presentational brand experience.


As part of the presentation we engaged a high-profile mixologist to demonstrate the unique features and taste profile of the gin and suggest cocktail recipes highlighting the diversity of the brand range.


Selected guests invited included media KOL, VIP clients of China Merchant Bank, government officials and various other HNW individuals.


Our team ensured that the attendee experience was carefully planned and executed. Based on a design provided by the brand owner, this was constructed to a high quality specification and complemented smooth serving, strongly exuding the brand concepts.


A Chinese language brochure was also available at each table ensuring our guests had full product knowledge access which was augmented by three colleagues present in each room to answer any questions arising.


Because of the proximity of the approaching New Year holiday, our decision to offer featured gift boxes to our guests – along with on-site promotional discount – proved enormously successful.

The whole event was an unmitigated success thanks to the our team and the support of Harrods. It reinforced our previous event experience that the combination of good brand, good and dedicated colleagues and carefully selected guest demographics can ensure a harvest of quality additional network profile for channel building and brands to follow.