In this age of the information highway and globalisation, now is the time to break into the immense Chinese market. Please refer to our previous McKensey Report on the growth in China. We provide a comprehensive service handling all elements of the trade with China including haulage, shipping, customs clearances and in fact all logistical issues. In addition, we take care of brand promotion and marketing through the various channels available to us. Although we talk about “service” we are not a broker but actually buy your products consequently negating any financial risk to you, the manufacturer. And to further put the reader’s mind at rest, we also protect the brands we represent aggressively.



Our team and network throughout China work closely with KA channels for both on and offline activity and include platforms such as SF Best and Metro. Working for many years with these channels allows us to seamlessly handle the supply chain from warehouse to distribution. Certain premium niche products often perform better via online, sector specific, community channels. We are online community channel builders and also have good access to, and working relationship with, existing platforms. These assist in bringing a particular brand quickly and efficiently to a target audience giving inherent cost of entry benefits.



China is well known for its extensive geographical size and the immense population. What is not widely understood is the diverse demographic profile of its population. Only by understanding this can brand promotion and market penetration in the territory be effective. The road to brand penetration is littered with well documented and costly failures. What also is not understood is China’s massive social media network and the immense influence it has on the market. Not only have we experience of all the well-known platforms and KA channels, but we also have a wide network of NRC’s (New Retail Channels) which not only gives extensive coverage, it is financially attractive to use and presents a better risk profile particularly to new brands and SME



We never just blindly place a product on a sales platform or channel and hope for the best. We work closely with our marketing team and promotion channels and assess the feedback we get from these sources. We attempt to match those elements of our network with “best fit” for the brand and the targeted customer profile and demographics. On size does definitely not fit all. We share this feedback with the brand owner in order to encourage constructive dialogue and brand development.



It is an unspoken rule in marketing and advertising that it is counterproductive to advertise the negatives of your product or service. Here we break that rule. China certainly didn’t invent plagiarism but it has refined the art. Candidly, this has been exaggerated to a great extent. It is rare for brands to be copied as an entire facsimile. But certainly any successful concept is a potential target. We aggressively protect your brand from any form of copycatting or implied association.



We work closely with DeutscheBahnAG Schenker and other prestigious international shippers and coordinate logistics operations between our warehousing facilities and them, handling cargos by air, sea and railway. We also handle movement of goods via Hong Kong. Regardless of the direction of the movement of goods, we can deal with all customs matters, tariffs and clearances. Besides traditional shipping channels to China, we also work closely with Free Trade Zones in China for cross boarder e-commerce which provides a flexible and fast route to the Chinese market.



Can’t find the exact service you need? Need a tailored service package? Have other ideas for business development? Please feel free to contact us to discuss. Not everything we do can be captured in a few website pages. We love to engage with people and ideas.

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