For a premium drinking experience every detail matters, in this case ice certainly should not only serve as a mean for cooling the drink. The shape, size and the transparency of the ice will determine how a cup of drink would be perceived by a picky drinker. The invention of Whison ice ball press kit provides a perfect solution for bars or any other sites to make perfect ice to the satisfaction of it’s pickiest customers! To home drinkers, either sipping alone or having a glass with pals, the perfect ice from Whison will add an extra enjoying element to the cozy time!

Patent Design & Demo

Prior to the design stage our R&D team has visited 483 bars and pubs gathering their feedback on the ice shapers they were using and opinions regarding possible improvements. With these as a design guidance, our innovative and patent designs make Whison overcame all shortcomings from other ice shapers:

  • Built-in drainage system. With a common ice ball press the water melted from the ice tend to make a mess on your table. The built-in drainage system in Whison collects melted water internally then drained out through a pipe in the base. Easy and clean!
  • Build-in temperature recovery system. With a common ice ball press you have to soak it into hot water for temperature recovery. The patent build-in temperature recovery system design in Whison allows you simply pour hot water from the top for this matter and it will boost up the temperature efficiently while the water moves through the inner structure before it drains out. Convenient!
  • Contents of the Kit: ice ball press, ice-mate, tongs, drainage tube, explosion proof case
  • Weight of the Kit: 12KG
  • Dimensions of the Kit: 27*25*34CM
  • Diameter of the ice ball: 7CM
  • Shape options: ball, rose and diamond
  • Material: aluminium alloy
  • Surface treatment: anodic oxidation
  • Free branding service

Comparision Demonstration


Some say ice is the soul for drinks, if so then Whison’s destiny is to make fascinating souls. With our unique insulation structure design, Whison ice-mate allows you make crystal clear ice with no foggy whitish patches. With it the drink not only turns itself into an eye-catcher, it also gives the chance for creative customers having extra fun, having beautiful garnish inside the ice ball, an engagement ring inside it as a surprise gift or even printing your customized LOGO on the ice ball with our accessory tool! Besides all these we provide free engraving service on the ice shaper to make it truly especial just for you! If you like our products or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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